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Your outpatient preventive cure

Sustainable. For your health.

Sometimes the strain of everyday life goes beyond a few stressful appointments. For example, those who care for relatives or are exposed to prolonged stressful and extreme situations sometimes reach their physical and mental limits. In order to recover from these stresses and to prevent serious health consequences, there are the so-called outpatient preventive cures or the open bath cures.

The health insurance companies support these preventive measures - for both private and statutory insured persons. If you are prescribed such an outpatient preventive cure, your health insurance company will cover 100% of the costs of the medical treatment and 90% of the costs of the cure medication.

In some cases, there are even subsidies for accommodation, meals, travel costs and spa tax of up to € 16 per person per day. This is because the accommodation can be freely chosen.

This means that you can stay with us during your open spa treatment and make use of the spa facilities in our Kneipp health resort and Kneipp spa of Willingen.

You can find out exactly how this works and how you can obtain such an outpatient preventive cure here.

As accommodation during your preventive or spa treatment, we are happy to support you on your way to better health. Ask your family doctor about the possibilities!